Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stick to the manual, you Life!

I hate it when life doesn't follow the manuals. Just broke the brakes of my HC :( Lets go get a drink and forget it. Well of course it's worse to have a tumor, but i really hate, when o broke something trying to repair.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

SWAP usage on Linux

Maybe you have never tested your system with more RAM, or maybe you are curious, whats the effect to feed a starving system. The system in this example had 1G RAM, it runs Oracle 10g server. This is a SWAP usage graph. On June i added 1 more G, and you can see the effect. It now uses 12..25M of SWAP memory compared to 500..700M. Less SWAP means less disk I/O. So lets feed our pure starving servers with more RAM.

Mr. Santa

I now know what its like to be Santa. I was there. Actually, not to confuse you, i was flying today. I was sitting in a glider, in my country it's deep autumn. And i saw that! I was flying at about 400 meters (1200 feet) and saw when snow dropped out of the cloud. That cloud came from north and i could see it touching ground 10 kilometers away from me. The snowflakes flew down like bees, in a long column. I hit it, its not wide, about 10-15 meters. For a few seconds windshield was covered with snow. Good feeling. Now i know what its like to be Santa, its not the presents and letters from children, its that feeling, when you see where snow comes from...