Friday, December 14, 2007

The Dude goes outer Space

So, my dear readers - i'm going to Netherlands. It's a road trip, looking forward to it. But.. ..twisted my tarsus joint. Anyway, nothing can stop me from the trip. No weed and space cakes this time, i promise.
Todays bass theme..'s easy but a nice one: Pulp - Babies. Check the video on YouTube.
Offise space trends. Oracle E-Business Suite 12 is up and running. I'll leave the newborn for a week, if its still alive after that period - then it'll survive ;)
Database 11g still fucked up. I havent written about that problem, anyways - someday. Many internal ORA-7445 errors a few times in an hour. Support can't do anything about it for more than two weeks.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Climate crisis

How can i help the planet Earth solving climate crisis? Thats the question i asked myself after seeing An Inconvenient Truth.
You can say "i'm small, its the problem of factories and corporations". Its not. Think!
So this week i decided to do the list of things i do good. Next week the list with things i do wrong follows.
The GOOD list:
- ride sharing. I start sharing my ride with a few neighbours. I drive one to work and back. I drive another only one way.
- burned 5 cds with An Inconvenient Truth, maybe this will affect few other people. Well its the amount of cds i had on my table. I wrote on cds: "share this with your friend".
- i stopped speeding, racing in the streets. Although i drive 1.3 liter Honda, fuel consumption will be reduced.
- i plan to change all regular light bulbs at home to clf's. This i will do next weekend.
- i dont leave my pc on during the night.
- i prefer using my laptop from desktop. It uses much less power.
- in my office i dont leave lights on, when i'm out of office, the same at home. Turn of the lights in the rooms you are not using. Dependency is simple: you use power, power plant needs more fuel to satisfy your needs. Any fuel or power plant has CO2 emission.
- i'm trying to optimize my databases, so they use less CPU, its just a time question, not a skill. Less CPU means less operations, and that leads to reduced power consumption.
Its all i can think of at this time.

Keep it real.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

International measurements

How many pubs there are in a mile?
How many pubs there are in a kilometer?
I often have to translate in my head ft, m, km/h, kt, NM, SM and others. Why do americans and brits have more pubs in their default distance mesure unit? I suggest to unify both systems and not to allow to be more than lets say 10 pubs in a mile, and the same in old continent and all other developed continents - 10 pubs per kilometer.
"Lets go to the Pub" - now you dont care where are you: UK, US or Europe (or other developed continents). I need a drink... where is the SPACE BAR?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stick to the manual, you Life!

I hate it when life doesn't follow the manuals. Just broke the brakes of my HC :( Lets go get a drink and forget it. Well of course it's worse to have a tumor, but i really hate, when o broke something trying to repair.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

SWAP usage on Linux

Maybe you have never tested your system with more RAM, or maybe you are curious, whats the effect to feed a starving system. The system in this example had 1G RAM, it runs Oracle 10g server. This is a SWAP usage graph. On June i added 1 more G, and you can see the effect. It now uses 12..25M of SWAP memory compared to 500..700M. Less SWAP means less disk I/O. So lets feed our pure starving servers with more RAM.

Mr. Santa

I now know what its like to be Santa. I was there. Actually, not to confuse you, i was flying today. I was sitting in a glider, in my country it's deep autumn. And i saw that! I was flying at about 400 meters (1200 feet) and saw when snow dropped out of the cloud. That cloud came from north and i could see it touching ground 10 kilometers away from me. The snowflakes flew down like bees, in a long column. I hit it, its not wide, about 10-15 meters. For a few seconds windshield was covered with snow. Good feeling. Now i know what its like to be Santa, its not the presents and letters from children, its that feeling, when you see where snow comes from...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lost and Found

Ain't It The Life
Ain't It The Life
Ain't It The Life
Got no crime

Thats my bass theme for this evening. Still happy and learning.

Today i did my first single cross-country. It was short and in the near reagions from airfield. It was the happyest moments of this year. I was all on my own, well it was a two-seater L-13, but the second chair was empty. Woohooo, gliding is so much fun. The picture was made this summer, the same place, same following glider like today. Its almost winter, but the day was perfect. Still repeating the momens of flight in my mind.
Why lost and found? Two weeks ago we where drinking whiskey from a shower handle. Its a piece of plastic, perfect sized shot with a screw in it. Last week we did this again. But someone has stolen our amazing one-shooter handle. This morning i was walking around with a headache, and found that thing in the grass. A few meters away i found a SIM card that one girl lost three weeks ago. She was so happy.
And one more thing: its goood to have someone to share candys with. Think about it ;)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Daily geekshow

Two things for today.
Number one: there is a girl. She works at the stake house i'm having lunch almost every day. After a few times, she remembered me and now, when i come in, she dissapears in the kichen, and comes back with my order. They are having different menu each day for lunch. I don't have to order anymore. It's a good feeling. But now, i'm very interested what she is thinking inside. It's not, that i'm interested in her, i'm just curious. It would be cool that she had The Sims mode or something :) but that's a very very very naughty geeky thought i have. She is a smart girl. But she never smiles. What is she thinking? Leave a message if you are one of those girls.
Number two: just finished Linux/Oracle server crash/recovery simulation. The whole process took 40 minutes, and server is up and running. Wohoo. I'm proud of myself. It's not one of those microsoft days.
Number three: yes, i said there are just two things for today, but i just got reservation at barber. Finally i'll get a haircut. Was waiting for this glory moment for about three months.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

MS Server 2008 Beta

Just finished testing Server 2008: Start->Shut Down, drop partitions...
BIG, slow copy of Vista, well it has intuitive navigation and organized tools, but again, tools are separated, divided ant split apart (compared XP/2003). I've tested it on 1024ram@3Ghz Intel board. No good. System is running slow, OS is supposed to share HW resources not to eat them herself. Ugly.
Power Shell: hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- that was my reaction. Ugly copy and a bad one of good-ol shell.
Still looking forward to test Core edition. But not today, maybe tomorrow. Today i'm already angry.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lemongrass - La Mer (bass tabs)

I sent to my friend a 15sec sample, he thought for a minute and here we are:


Free launcher

The knowledge that is not given further is worthless - that would be my first message. Anyways, here starts the new blog, we'll see how it goes.
The purpose of this blog is to share some daily knowledge, that attacks me. Some random thoughts will be posted too. It's a must from time to time to Alt+Tab your work and have a blog (it's like a cup of tee).
You'll find in this blog some crap like this post, some solutions of specific IT problems, some plsql code, some stolen images etc.
And today is going to be a good day. I hope to amaze someone, by playing some samples with a bass guitar. Nobody knew i play. I never did either.