Monday, December 10, 2007

Climate crisis

How can i help the planet Earth solving climate crisis? Thats the question i asked myself after seeing An Inconvenient Truth.
You can say "i'm small, its the problem of factories and corporations". Its not. Think!
So this week i decided to do the list of things i do good. Next week the list with things i do wrong follows.
The GOOD list:
- ride sharing. I start sharing my ride with a few neighbours. I drive one to work and back. I drive another only one way.
- burned 5 cds with An Inconvenient Truth, maybe this will affect few other people. Well its the amount of cds i had on my table. I wrote on cds: "share this with your friend".
- i stopped speeding, racing in the streets. Although i drive 1.3 liter Honda, fuel consumption will be reduced.
- i plan to change all regular light bulbs at home to clf's. This i will do next weekend.
- i dont leave my pc on during the night.
- i prefer using my laptop from desktop. It uses much less power.
- in my office i dont leave lights on, when i'm out of office, the same at home. Turn of the lights in the rooms you are not using. Dependency is simple: you use power, power plant needs more fuel to satisfy your needs. Any fuel or power plant has CO2 emission.
- i'm trying to optimize my databases, so they use less CPU, its just a time question, not a skill. Less CPU means less operations, and that leads to reduced power consumption.
Its all i can think of at this time.

Keep it real.

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