Friday, December 14, 2007

The Dude goes outer Space

So, my dear readers - i'm going to Netherlands. It's a road trip, looking forward to it. But.. ..twisted my tarsus joint. Anyway, nothing can stop me from the trip. No weed and space cakes this time, i promise.
Todays bass theme..'s easy but a nice one: Pulp - Babies. Check the video on YouTube.
Offise space trends. Oracle E-Business Suite 12 is up and running. I'll leave the newborn for a week, if its still alive after that period - then it'll survive ;)
Database 11g still fucked up. I havent written about that problem, anyways - someday. Many internal ORA-7445 errors a few times in an hour. Support can't do anything about it for more than two weeks.

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