Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Motorola (Motofone) F3! FINALLY. The engineers finally came to their minds. First, though small, sign was Win Server 2008 Core. And now, we have Motorola F3. "What functions does a decent phone should do" - i asked today my friend. "Em.. to call, not to call, text messaging, and em... oh, an alarm clock". Here you go i said - showed her the magical F3. I'll buy two more tomorow. A wonderfull thing. It also has free hands mode and vibro call, who turns in action on 0 volume and on 5+, so it can be fast found (on both sides). I prefer the speed of turning into virbo mode.
Some say that text messaging sux on this one, but its not so bad. Left/right Motorola style cursor, 5 special chars, no smilies - its enough. No dot sign though. But! - its Motorola, so it must have some secrets, and it does, wiki this phone and you'll find them. All functions like operator, pin, keysound change are in it, its just that they are kinda hidden. THANK YOU MOTOROLA.
It's definetely not the phone for 3rd world, its for everyone, this guy here does what a real phone should do - it has two buttons: red one and green one. What is your choice, Alisa?

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