Friday, October 12, 2007

Daily geekshow

Two things for today.
Number one: there is a girl. She works at the stake house i'm having lunch almost every day. After a few times, she remembered me and now, when i come in, she dissapears in the kichen, and comes back with my order. They are having different menu each day for lunch. I don't have to order anymore. It's a good feeling. But now, i'm very interested what she is thinking inside. It's not, that i'm interested in her, i'm just curious. It would be cool that she had The Sims mode or something :) but that's a very very very naughty geeky thought i have. She is a smart girl. But she never smiles. What is she thinking? Leave a message if you are one of those girls.
Number two: just finished Linux/Oracle server crash/recovery simulation. The whole process took 40 minutes, and server is up and running. Wohoo. I'm proud of myself. It's not one of those microsoft days.
Number three: yes, i said there are just two things for today, but i just got reservation at barber. Finally i'll get a haircut. Was waiting for this glory moment for about three months.

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