Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lost and Found

Ain't It The Life
Ain't It The Life
Ain't It The Life
Got no crime

Thats my bass theme for this evening. Still happy and learning.

Today i did my first single cross-country. It was short and in the near reagions from airfield. It was the happyest moments of this year. I was all on my own, well it was a two-seater L-13, but the second chair was empty. Woohooo, gliding is so much fun. The picture was made this summer, the same place, same following glider like today. Its almost winter, but the day was perfect. Still repeating the momens of flight in my mind.
Why lost and found? Two weeks ago we where drinking whiskey from a shower handle. Its a piece of plastic, perfect sized shot with a screw in it. Last week we did this again. But someone has stolen our amazing one-shooter handle. This morning i was walking around with a headache, and found that thing in the grass. A few meters away i found a SIM card that one girl lost three weeks ago. She was so happy.
And one more thing: its goood to have someone to share candys with. Think about it ;)

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