Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spam is yesterday?

A web hosting company allegedly responsible for at least 75% of the daily spam volume worldwide has been forced offline, thanks to evidence gathered by security experts. Experts say the company hosts a vast community of cyber criminals including spammers, phishers, malware distributors and even peddlers of child porn. But will the move really take a bite out of cybercrime? Probably not. The criminals will in all likelihood move their operations elsewhere, most likely to an overseas host. As long as there are webhosting firms willing to look the other way, these shutdowns will only be temporary obstacles rather than permanent solutions.
If you watch the picture closer, you can see that there was no spam activity until local business hours, it shows the localization of the subject. We'll see the results tomorow.
And check out the yearly trend, of course there was some protection improvements, but the result is clear even to the horse. (Green=spam, blue (yes that invisible line at the bottom)=nospam).

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