Monday, January 12, 2009

se7en impressions on se7en

Lets face it, people use windows basically because of games and simplicity of hardware management. You can tell more Because and Because NOT, but every time you will get back to these two facts. Every new emergence of new Windows Interface (NOT operating system) comes with a huge marketing bubble. Here are my 7 impressions on Windows 7.

Size matters. Yes, the first thing i've done is calculated size owned by Windows folder. And yes - its a BAAAAD impression - 7.6G. Its the same result as for Vista. The magic winsxs folder is again the biggest eater with 4+G. Its a very bad bad thing compared to XP and common sense.

Services. Even worse. Approx 133 (Vista) up to 146 (7). But settings are a little bit better: Tablet service stopped, Defender is started, but not in active scan mode. You get something you have found after installing XPSP2 - the same experience witch comes after reading and stopping all the unused services. But not all this time, and there are more of them.

Procesess. The first good impression? 28 processes after boot-up compared to 40 on Vista. Where is the trick?

Wallpapers. Its a one shitty collection of shitty wallpapers. Why are they out of focus? Ever heard of contrast?

Performance. I installed 7 on MS Virtual server, which itself has a poor performance, but 7 performs nicely, especially the memory usage.. cant believe it, i now have 270 megs out of 512 free. Maybe MS programming department asked coders to clean up some code left from windows 2000. Or maybe they have finally tried to code the lines themselves not with the help of a studio wizard.
File deletion performs as bad as in Vista. Bad bad bad MS.
For a better test we need some pure hardware.

Control Panel. Hmm - i've seen this before. Hmm, G... no it cant be. Gn.. o.. No i cant believe it. Face it MS, you are copying more and more in every next release. You don't have details, icons are put to columns. MS forgot to add grouping like in Gnome control panel. Oops, i said it out loud.

Explorer. Oh-Oh. No white space for a right-click in explorer. Damn you, i've seen this before. Nooo, its Gnome again. When for the first time i had to choose between KDE and Gnome - i red this: "Gnome is more like Windows environment, Windows users will have a better experience and intuitiveness". Well now it seems that Windows explorer is more like Nautilus. Shame on you.
File system is still full of dead links for XP backward compatibility.
Those big icons everywhere its not because you are using handicapped 7 version, its for the purpose, - 7 is touch screen oriented.

Conclusions. 7 is a fat ass Vista clone with reduced memory usage (or cleaned up code), and a better looking Gnome skin. Had no possibility to test hardware issues and program compatibility, but i'm guessing its the same Vista engine. Hey, there is a new Paint interface, is that's why 7 was released??

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