Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lost and Found

Haven't been in funeral for more than 18 years. Just successfully no one that i know died. But today i said goodbye to my ex-coworker. I young man just had a heart attack, and thats it. I was looking at him, he was like alive, his lips where smiling. He left two boys and loving wife.
When people push themselves to risk on daily basis - its not so shocking to read in newspaper that some speed junkie, hill climber, sky diver or test pilot died. But this time, i was looking at man, to whom i spoke a week ago. He was just a good father, how risky can that be? Of course, you can say thats life, well it is!
When someone close dies, it takes away your time you spent doing something together. That feels empty. And today i feel empty too. Rest happily dear friend.

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