Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lithuania rulez

Hi guys, you know, i'm proud to be Lithuanian, because we download Firefox and we download it gooooooooooooood. When the day started, i downloaded FF3 to all my PCs in the office (7), and didnt use the same copy to install, just downloaded a new one each time. Spread the news to many of my friends in messaging lists. And when i came home, i pushed it to all my PCs at home (4).
Of course the final results look a bit unbelievable, i think its a small trick, you can write a 3 line code in shell to have a perfect downloader... I guess that some downloads from some IP addresses will be discarded. Anyways, world, can you be that cool like we are?
Anyways the FF3 isnt that good, and overall FF is not that user friendly. The best browser to work really intense is... ...Opera, the only feature that it lacks is page search toolbar the FF has. Opera has many fast tricks, like "g search", alt+space, quick dial, tabs on the side. I ussualy work with 20-30 pages, so to have the tabs on the side, its faster to find page you need. On a quick dial page i put MRTG pages of my servers. Opera is a better tool to do intensive work. The other FF problem is RAM usage... ...just checked: 114MB ram + 134MB swap. wtf ff?

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